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AI Insights From SAMPS Europe 2023 - Midjourney

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Laura Haldane

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Jun 15, 2023

This is the first in our AI blog series, covering the insights we learned at the European SAMPS conference in Glasgow.

The final session of the day was masterminded by Paul Avery from Biostrata, and Adam McNaught-Davis from UP There Everywhere, who created an AI competition to use Midjourney to create the best AI poster for our upcoming Boston meeting.

The brief was to create an image of a new take on a scientific discovery, or science in a strange setting.

Each table brainstormed their ideas, and wrote their prompts which we turned into images, and here's the result! Some worked better than others, which was the perfect lesson/something on how you need to refine the AI output, and it still needs human input.

Here's the winning image. Along with the other images created by each workshop group and the prompts they came up with after their sessions with the AI experts.

Imagine Einstein as a yellow rubber duck in full colour. Background - the rubber duck should be in a black and white bathtub with a running tap. — title: the rising influence of AI in scientific sales and marketing —ar 2:3 — no humans
Imagine Ada Lovelace looking overwhelmed looking at the midjourney logo on the computer she created. pop art style --ar 2:3
Imagine Inside a scientific laboratory. The cast of game of thrones as their characters in white lab coats. They are standing behind a lab bench with a microscope on the bench. The 3 small baby dragons from Game of Thrones are walking on the lab bench. Style cartoon. Colour themes navy blue and orange --no children --ar 2:3
Imagine A giant, mischievous cartoon alien intern wearing a lab coat and red socks towering over the boston red sox stadium pipetting binary code into the stadium from a pipette in each of 2 hands. --ar 2:3
Imagine make a poster for an event called SAMPS, on December 6, 2023 in Boston. A Bostonian scientist holding a conical flask of beer (with a jug handle) that has been produced at the end of distillation glassware used for scientific experiment workflow. steampunk. Bostonian. -ar (2:3) -stylise steam punk with brown, green and orange colour palette; make it a light mood
Imagine Albert Einstein wearing air pods using a modern computer to create a Tik Tok video, eureka moment, photorealistic, blurred background, natural faces, use blue and yellow as dominant colors --ar 2:3 --v 5

Don't worry if you missed this session as we will be heading to Boston in December to run this event state-side! Register your interest here, and if you aren't already a member, you can join SAMPS for free here and get updates about great sessions like this one.

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