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Dec 7, 2021

The 2021 SAMPS Awards ceremony took place on Wednesday 1st December, when we gathered together virtually to watch as the winners were announced. This year saw nine finalists, both individuals and companies from across the life science and applied research industries, take home awards from the comfort of their own homes and offices.

The ceremony was hosted by two SAMPS’ board members, Laura Haldane from SciLeads, and Stephen Archer of Spring Partnerships

And the winners are...

Workplace of the Year

This award recognizes companies that provide opportunities for personal and professional development. This company will have supported their staff during this difficult year and ensure it’s a great work environment for employees.

Sponsor: AZoNetwork

Highly Commended: New England Biolabs and MOBILion Systems.

Winner: seqWell

seqWell showed how well it supports its employees with flexible work hours, un-capped paid time off, and creative monthly events where team members get to network and know each other better. By fostering this positive atmosphere, seqWell promotes growth within the organization.

Support Scientist of the Year

This awarThis award recognizes a team or individual who has supported sales and marketing efforts over the past year. Celebrating the people and the efforts that are essential drivers for success, including content writers, customer support, technical support, and application specialists.

Sponsor: Stellar Meetings

Highly Commended: Alex Peroff, Pine Research

Winner: Nupur Maheshwari, Nicoya

Nupur has supported continuous training efforts of her peers and international distribution partners throughout COVID, improving morale and motivating distributors to sell. Her tenacity resulted in successful project completions with several enterprise-level clients.

Content of the Year

This award celebrates innovation and creativity in content ideas – whether it be social media output or blog posts and articles. The award recognizes a commitment to bringing interesting and engaging content to the life and applied sciences industries.

Sponsor: Altitude Marketing

Highly Commended: Andor Technology and AZoNetwork.

Winner: GenScript

GenScript continually achieves a high engagement rate on their social media by sharing humorous science-based posts such as a recent ‘Squid Game’ image which showed an empty tin and the caption ‘A Tuesday morning trauma only molecular biologists would understand’. This post had over 4k likes and several comments.

Sales Professional of the Year

This award celebrates the sales professional who has proactively contributed to the business and team success over the past year. This award recognizes the efforts being put in by salespeople in this difficult year.

Sponsor: Spring Partnerships

Highly Commended: Bryan Hoffman, Copia Scientific, and Jeffrey Oleske, SPECIM.

Winner: Neil Spinner, Pine Research

Neil pivoted Pine Research’s usual sales engagement activities which included developing a successful webinar series to rave reviews. Due to his efforts, sales of one of their products increased by 25%.

Marketing Professional of the Year

Celebrating brilliance in marketing, this award recognizes the impact the individual has made on business objectives and highlights the work going on within marketing in the industry.

Sponsor: BioStrata Marketing

Highly Commended: Baljit Ubhi, MOBILion Systems, and Rohit Talwar, Arctoris

Winner: Nyssa Cromwell, G2V Optics

Nyssa has built a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that attracted, educated, and converted top-tier customers in 35+ countries, generating an exceptional pipeline and over 70% of revenue from inbound. Through positioning and exceptional content, Nyssa has brought G2V to top visibility for all aspects of solar research.

Marketing Campaign of the Year

Recognizing team effort in marketing campaign strategy, this prize celebrates an innovative marketing campaign approach. 

Sponsor: Biointelli

Highly Commended:  Andor Technology

Winner: MOBILion Systems

Working with life science marketing specialists, Covalent Bonds, MOBILion came up with the ‘#wheresmobie?’ campaign which targeted people attending the ASMS conference in-person and virtually with an immersive social media scavenger hunt. Through this campaign, they were able to successfully drive awareness of the MOBILion brand and increase their social followers.

Young Person of the Year

The Young Person of the YearThe Young Person of the Year Award celebrates those under 30 who are promoting new innovations and who are showing a considerable contribution to the success of their team. 

Sponsor: Life Science Market Radio

Highly Commended:  Grace Niewijk, CG Life, and Hannah Seibert, TA Instruments

Winner: Lily Elsner, Arctoris

Lily wrote most of her MBA assignments on Arctoris before joining them full-time to apply those insights. During her time with the company, she has shown strong leadership skills and led an immensely successful Out of Home Marketing campaign garnering millions of impressions at a low price point.

Startup of the Year

This award recognizes a company within its first 3 years that has shown considerable growth and is an exciting up-and-comer in the industry.

Sponsor: Biocompare

Highly Commended: Copia Scientific and Biomage

Winner: BioSkryb Genomics

BioSkryb Genomics is aiming to revolutionize the field of single-cell genomics. Their proprietary approach to ultra low-input DNA and single-cell whole genome amplification (WGA) accurately calls variants in genomes and reproducibly captures more than 95% of the genomic material in single cells. This industry-leading performance is highly scalable, supporting applications in life sciences, translational, and clinical research.

Company of the Year

This is our biggest award. The Company of the Year is a general award to recognize companies in the space. This cThe Company of the Year is a general award to recognize outstanding companies in the space. The winning company will be showing business success, be an excellent place to work and provide excellent customer service standards. This award celebrates a wider picture of business success.

Sponsor: SciLeads

Highly Commended: Cytiva, Sino Biological, Phase Holographic Imaging, MilliporeSigma

Winner: Cell Signaling Technology

Cell Signaling Technology is pioneering diversity and inclusion initiatives. Together with CellPress, tCell Signaling Technology is pioneering diversity and inclusion initiatives. Together with CellPress, they created the Rising Black Scientist Award, which highlights two rising African American scientists, and they hold weekly team meetings discussing issues in the LGBTQ community. They offer volunteer incentives, community service acknowledgment, and environmental support.

The SAMPS Awards 2022 will be open for entries in October.

We hope to hold the awards ceremony in person next year and look forward to once again recognizing the outstanding achievements of the people and organizations within the life science and applied research industries.

Get in touch if you would like to join SAMPS or become a sponsor.

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