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SAMPS North American Annual Meeting: AI in Scientific Sales & Marketing

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Dec 12, 2023

Artificial intelligence is here. It's ready for prime time. And it can make a huge impact on your sales and marketing efforts.

That's the message heard loud and clear early this month at the SAMPS North American Annual Meeting in Boston. More than 60 sales and marketing professionals in life science attended the conference, and walked away knowing that AI is an unstoppable tool ... and one that needs to be better understood and mastered.

Speakers and panelists noted several times the speed at which the generative AI space is changing. That pace of change was underlined only a few hours into the event, as Google announced the public release of its Gemini AI platform.

Meeting attendees – hailing from the U.S., Europe and Asia – saw demonstrations of generative AI's power, learned best practices for using AI in their sales and marketing activities, and worked as teams to create full marketing campaigns in just 45 minutes.

Attendees at the SAMPS Annual Meeting.

Speakers included:

  • David Nathan of Scaler Marketing, who demonstrated generative AI's capabilities with a fully AI-written story, including imagery.
  • Paul Avery of BioStrata Marketing, who offered tips and tricks for using generative AI in everyday marketing workflows
  • Adam McNaught-Davis of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, who discussed AI ethics and the need to #alwaysaddhuman
  • Robert England of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, who led attendees in a workshop where they created a full marketing campaign using AI
  • Mariel Ponde de Dardon, Christos Kyprianou and Claudia Marino, who joined emcee Stephen Archer for the always popular "Ask the Customer Anything" panel
  • Adam Smartschan of Altitude Marketing, who presented use cases for generative AI in modern SEO
  • Jeremiah Worth of CG Life, Janetta Tabakov of Arima Genomics and Joan Boyce of Biocompare, who shared their real-world AI success stories

Their messages covered all aspects of sales and marketing in science. But one overarching message was clear throughout: AI's impact – present and future – can't be denied.

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