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If Content Is King, Context Should Surely Be Queen

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If Content Is King, Context Should Surely Be Queen
May 16, 2024

Why should we adopt a customer-centric approach and use personas to map content at every stage of your customer journey?

Customer-centric marketing is often done very well in the B2C world. Just think how well known you are to some of those places you purchase from regularly - they'll know your birthdays, your favorite foods, your weakness for milk chocolate, whether you're single or not, the car you drive, how old your kids are, and where and when you like to holiday. But in B2B - and more specifically S2S - we are falling some way behind. So how can we get to know our customers better?

In this webinar we will explore they key pillars to devising a customer-centric strategy and then delve further into how we can get to know our customers better through persona development and customer journey mapping. Four industry leaders meet to discuss how they work to implement a customer-centric approach to marketing so you are sure to pick up some tried and tested strategies to implement into your own scientific marketing as a result.

Meet our Panelists:
Sonali Shah Sunak
currently leads the Marketing Operations practice at New England Biolabs, where she has been for the last 8 years. Prior to joining New England Biolabs, Sonali spent much of her 20+ year career at leading creative agencies as an experience researcher and marketing strategist. She has worked across a broad range of Fortune 500 brands and industries, from automotive to retail. Sonali has a particular soft spot for putting her Psychology degree to use for better understanding customer’s needs but she also loves the numbers, so bring on all the research projects! Sonali holds a B.S. in Finance from the Wharton School of Business and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Matt Wilkinson, Recovering Scientists and Founder at Strivenn - A former science and business journalist, he holds a Visiting Fellowship at Cranfield School of Management and is part of the Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales where he specializes in Account Based Marketing, Key Account Management and B2B Sales and Marketing. He has a particular interest in applying machine learning and Generative AI to enhance the personalization of messaging and content across the increasingly complex decision making process.

Kylee Charles, Commercial Marketing Manager at Cepheid - As a Marketing Manager for a leading global life sciences innovator and former owner of a content agency, Kylee understands the importance of developing targeted campaigns that captivate the right personas. With a proven track record of crafting strategic campaigns that drive growth, maximize brand impact, and deliver exceptional results, Kylee's sharp marketing acumen has been honed through years of practical application. This wealth of experience enables her to confidently navigate the world of ever-changing marketing landscapes.

Demetra Bernard, Director of Marketing and Microban International - Demetra Bernard is a strategic and creative marketing executive with over 25 years of experience in developing marketing programs, big ideas and products to drive sales and strengthen brands. As the Marketing Director, Demetra is leading the growth of the Microban brand globally in managing the global marketing team focused on winning lead generation programs, content development and unmatched partner support.

The webinar gives you a taster of the content we will be expanding on at the Berlin conference with hands on workshops, AI integration and a chance to network with like-minded industry colleagues - so if you like what you hear in the webinar, snap up your seat at SAMPS Berlin 2024 - tickets are selling fast.

Join SAMPS' May Webinar on customer-centric strategies. Gain insights from experts on personas, content mapping, and enhancing customer experience for business growth.

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